Too good to be true?

All Small Businesses deserve a quality website they can be proud of. But custom websites can cost thousands, and that’s why we’ve made it affordable for all businesses. Your new website will be built using WordPress, created using a powerful Theme, hosted by an industry-best service, backed up nightly, and have all the bells and whistles you can imagine. And once you get going, we can also help you with video marketing, content marketing, graphic design work and more.

You could say we help you get from Zero to getting you Ready for business.

How much does it cost to get started?

50% upfront to start.
Remaining balance due upon delivery.

Nonprofit discount of $100 off starting fees.

When do I receive my first bill?

Upon the completion of your contract, we will request the upfront fees for your selected package features. Hosting & billing begins the day your website goes live and is billed automatically on that date.

How much is it monthly?

You pick your hosting level once your website is complete.

Choose between:
Ground Level – $20 per month – Just Hosting
Level 1 – $49 per month – Full Coverage
Level 2 – $99 per month – Level 1 + Reports and Refresh
Level 3 – $149 per month – Level 2 + 1-Hour

Nonprofit discount is $20 off per month for life for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 hosting packages. Discount not available for Ground Level package.

How long does it take?

Short answer: It depends.
Long answer: Websites can be one of the biggest time investments of your business, so we streamline each step for you to drastically shorten it. In the end, it will come down to how long it takes to get content created, revisions made and final check offs done. Most clients will see their new website go live within 2-6 weeks.

What if I have an existing website?

No problem! We’ll take what you’ve already established, polish it, and add it your website. But only if you want us to, which is why on your initial call we’ll discuss your website goals and what content is staying.

Do I need a domain? What if I have a domain?

If you need a domain we’ll provide domain assistance in helping you acquire your new domain.
If you already have a domain, be prepared to find your credentials so we can connect your domain to your new website.

Zero to Ready does not and will not own your domain which is why we offer domain assistance.

How much bandwidth do I get with my website?

All levels include website hosting which allows for up to 5,000 monthly visits, 5GB Disk space, and 250GB Bandwidth.

Think you’ll need more? Just let us know and we can discuss bigger packages.

How do changes happen on my website?

If you’re paying for Level 3 just send us your edits each month and we’ll add them in for you. Otherwise, once your website is complete we will send you your how-to guide as well as instructional videos for using your new website.


If your website needs a premium plugin such as a shopping cart, events page, or other premium tools, the plugin or tool will be paid for by the account holder.

What if I need to cancel?

We don’t have any annual contracts so just give us a 30 day written notice. If your billing date has already passed we cannot issue partial refunds. Similar to going to a concert and then leaving half way through.

If your billing date is on the 10th, and you need to cancel, please let us know before the 10th.

Also, if you’re a seasonal business you can suspend your service for a small fee and we’ll preserve your account for as long as you need.

Can I take my website elsewhere?

Yes, you can, but because the theme is licensed through us you will be required to buy your own license. Licenses start at $89 yearly or lifetime is $249.

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